↓ Transcript
[Floating in Space in front of the Earth.]
Chuck: Alright, release the tether, Baxter.

Baxter: Are you crazy? We're floating in space.
Chuck: Don't be a pussy. Cut the cord, Baxi-Pad.

Baxter: No, Chuck. One of us is supposed to stay tied to the shuttle.
Chuck: Come on, trust me newbie. I've been doing spacewalks for years.

Baxter: Okay, fine.

[Cord disconnects from shuttle.]

Chuck: Are you crazy? We're in space!

Baxter: You jackass. Whoa. What the hell?

[Explosions appear on the Earth's surface.]

[Earth implodes, the space shuttle is taken with it.]

[Chuck and Baxter Float alone in space.]

Chuck: Eff