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Baxter: I don’t know about all this worship stuff, Chuck. There’s gotta be a way we can get rid of Mrifk.
Chuck: You can’t stand up to him, you’re not a space wizard.

Baxter: I bet I could become one. Do you think there’s some kind of training school for that?
Chuck: You mean a Space-Hogwarts?

Baxter: Yeah!
Chuck: No, Baxter, I don’t think there’s a Space-Hogwarts.
Baxter: But space wizards have to get trained somewhere.

Chuck: I don’t know, man. I kinda think they’re born that way. The only space wizard we know is a giant ugly baby. What kind of wizard academy is gonna admit someone that can’t even ride on Big Thunder Mountain?

Baxter: I feel bad for the ride attendant who turns Mrifk away. That guy’s gonna have Disco Stick stuck in his head ‘til the end of days.