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Baxter: Oh my god, aliens!
Chuck: Break out the sake, we got company.

Baxter: You wanna just let them in?
Chuck: Shit yeah! You were the one who was complaining that we never meet new people.

Baxter: I was complaining that there are no new people.
Chuck: Well now there obviously are, so let’s invite them in for some drinks.

Baxter: Are you crazy? These are aliens; they could want to kill us; they could have volatile undiscovered diseases.
Chuck: Just because they’re foreigners doesn’t make them murderous and filthy, Bax. That’s racist.

Baxter: Even if they mean well, their bodies could have viruses that our immune systems can’t deal with. Haven’t you ever read War of the Worlds?

Chuck: You know the only book I’ve ever read is the novelization of the Scorpion King (starring the Rock).
Baxter: Oh man, these superior life forms are gonna looove you.

Baxter: Hey, where’d Zheng go?
Chuck: He’s probably cowering back in his cupboard.