↓ Transcript
Baxter: So, you yelled at our overlord and now he’s going to get things with which to torture us.
Chuck: Well, it seemed more like he just wanted to torture us for a little while until he kills us.

Baxter: Kills us? How about kills you? I’m not the one who called him a cock.
Chuck: Well I just figured if I was gonna die you’d want to die with me. Would you really want to live in this space station without me?

Baxter: Let’s see… I could have my brain whisked and be cut up by lasers… or I could explore the universe without a pompous ass hat that’s constantly getting me in trouble.
Chuck. Hey!

Baxter: No offense, Chuck, but you can handle this one on your own. I’m going to go hide in Zheng’s cupboard so Mrifk doesn’t take his wrath out on me, too.