↓ Transcript

Baxter: Hey Chuck, you want some of these mini-quiches I made?
Chuck: Screw that. Eggs are a chicken’s period.

[Beat panel.]

Chuck: Hey, I been thinking. We had no idea that MSG-69 was in orbit before we stumbled upon it. What are the chances there are other space stations out here, maybe even ones with people?

Baxter: I haven’t really thought about it, but when the Earth disappeared there weren’t many countries capable of this kind of thing.
Chuck: If China can do it, anyone can. I mean, come on, right? China!

Baxter: I guess that’s a valid if somewhat racist point. I really don’t think anyone else is out here, though. We would have found them by now.

Chuck: I don’t know, Bax. Don’t you ever get the feeling were being watched?

[A space ship with giant stalk eyeballs watchs the MSG-69 in space.]