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Chuck: Let’s take a look around.

Chuck: Dude, this place seems more abandoned than my flock of illegitimate children.

Baxter: You’re an idiot. But this is strange. My suit’s computer is showing breathable levels of oxygen and no human life.

Baxter: Why would they launch a fully functional space station with no one in it?

Chuck: It was probably robots.

Baxter: What?

Chuck: I bet a bunch of robots knew the Earth was gonna implode. This place is probably teeming with cyborgs.

Baxter: That’s ridiculous.

Chuck: No, what’s ridiculous is that the robots have probably tracked our heat signature and are minutes away from consuming us as fuel.

Baxter: So you weren’t scared of dying in space but now you’re worried about hypothetical killer robots?

Chuck: Well excuse me for not wanting to get gang banged by a dozen robots with pneumatic steel robo-dicks!

Baxter: Now the robots are trying to rape you?

Chuck: They’re ASIAN robots!