↓ Transcript

Zheng: I honesty have no idea how the Earth got destroyed. My best guess is that the Large Hadron Collider did it.
Baxter: Interesting hypothesis. Do you think that the discovery of the Higgs-Boson Particle caused a quantum-paradox that resulted in the transport of Earth to a different dimension?

Zheng: Something along those lines, although I’ve never been a big proponent of alternate universe theory.

Chuck: Come on, Bax. I thought we agreed the planet’s destruction was probably caused by…
Chuck: (With eyes narrowed at Zheng.) …robot communists.

[Beat Panel.]

Baxter: How about we let the scientists talk now, Chuckie.

[Chuck stands alone on one side of the room looking sad, illustrated in color, while Baxter and Zheng discuss science in black and white.]
Baxter: So Zheng, where do you stand on entanglement theory?
Zheng: I’m a fan of the Copenhagen interpretation. I find the equation ∆x∆p≥h/2 puts this issue to rest.