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Baxter: So, what Schrödinger was basically saying is that if you place a cat in a box with a radioactive material and poison that’s released when the radioactive material decays, due to the principles of quantum mechanics, the cat will be simultaneously dead and alive.
Chuck: Like a zombie cat? Wicked.

Baxter: No. Not like a zombie cat. Let me explain it this way: there’s a gun that fires at a man’s head when a radioactive element decays. Because there’s a fifty-fifty chance of the element decaying at a certain time, there exist two worlds: one where the man is shot and killed by the gun, and one where he is still alive.

Chuck: Why the ass would you shoot a cat out of a gun at some dude’s head?

Baxter: You’re really not getting this, are you?
Chuck: Oh, I’m getting this. I’m getting that Schrödinger should have spent less time playing that piano and worrying about paradoxes and more time taking advantage of that cartoon snatch that Lucy van Pelt was always throwing at him like confetti.