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Chuck: I just realized that since there are all these aliens, Wookiees may actually exist.

Baxter: Have I ever told you about my Lycan-Wookiee Evolutionary Metamorphosis Theory? I wrote a paper on it for a Cryptozoology in Pop Culture seminar.
Chuck: No, Bax. I don’t believe you have.

Baxter: Well, basically my thesis was that at one point Wookies were all actually werewolves who were banished from their homeworlds and sent to an untamed wilderness planet.
Chuck: Like Australia.

Baxter: Sure. Anyway, because their new world, Kashyyyk, has three moons, it’s completely plausible that given the right lunar rotations, one of the moons always appears full. Hence, 24/7 werewolves.

Chuck: But Chewie is a wookie all the time. He doesn’t turn into some wimpy dude when he’s riding shotty in the Falcon.
Baxter: That’s where the evolutionary part comes in. Over millennia, the wookiees lost the gene that made them transform back into humans.

Chuck: Has anyone ever told you you’re a God damn genius?