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Chuck: Oh man, I just had this dream about these really stellar titties, but they weren’t titties. They were nuclear reactors. For some reason that didn’t stop me from nuzzling the shit out of them.
Baxter: That’s nice, Chuck.

Chuck: Do you think you could science me up a dream recorder? It would be stellar if we could make a DVD of my dreams.

Baxter: That’s impossible.
Chuck: We both know it isn’t. I need you to see these titties. They were a million kinds of stellar.

Baxter: Stop saying stellar.
Chuck: But we’re in space, get it? I thought it was pithy.

Baxter: Yeah, well you’re starting to pith me off. That kind of technology doesn’t exist; the human subconscious is too complex for recording.
Chuck: That technology totally exists. It just hasn’t been released ‘cause the dudes who made it don’t want their wives to know they dream about slamming kinky Floridian swamp trash at all-night rave festivals.