↓ Transcript

(Borvo stands with Baxter and Chuck.)
Borvo: I’m glad we finally found President Zheng. To avoid corruption in government, we made President of the Aliens a thankless job with no pay. We usually just elect guys no one wants to hang out with. They run away occasionally. Thanks for your help.
Chuck: It aint even a thing, Borvo.

Borvo: Well, to show our gratitude, some of our boys did a few upgrades to your ship.

Baxter: Like what?

Borvo: Well, since you chumps would be pretty much floating forever without us, we put on a Relay Accelerator Diffuser Drive.

Chuck: Which I will be referring to as the RAD Drive.

Borvo: Whatever. This piece of junk is now capable of faster than light speed travel, so feel free to explore a bit. We put in some other stuff too, so check that shit out.

Borvo: Borvo out.

(Borvo disappears.)

Baxter: Where did he go?
Chuck: I don’t give a damn. Let’s go find some aliens that don’t have stupid fucking haircuts.