↓ Transcript

Chuck: Hey Baxter, I was looking around the other day and found a room full of stuff the Atlanteans left for us. Wanna check it out?
Baxter: Did bears shit in the woods before all bears and also the woods were destroyed?

[Chuck and Baxter briefly look sad.]

[Chuck and Baxter are in a room full of alien junk.]
Baxter: Wow. This is a lot of junk. Some of it seems completely useless.
Chuck: It’s like the reject pile from a SkyMall magazine. Seriously people, I don’t need a samurai statue with a fridge built into its back.

Baxter: Or a motorized caddy designed specifically for turtlenecks.
Chuck: Or night vision goggles with an iPod hook-up.

Baxter: Or knee pads for my dog that are made from mood-ring material.

Chuck: Or a Newman’s Own™ battery-operated vagina.

Chuck: I do not need Butch Cassidy staring me in the eye while I’m trying to max into a handheld robot.

[Baxter stands speechless with his mouth open.]