↓ Transcript

Baxter: I feel like we really should have learned more about the Atlanteans. I mean, where is the planet they live on?
Chuck: It’s probably some shitty rock out in Butt Fuck, Egypt.

Baxter: I think the phrase is butt-fucking Egypt, Chuck.
Chuck: What are you talking about? It’s fuck. Not fucking – totally not a gerund.

Baxter: Butt-fucking isn’t a gerund in this instance. It’s describing Egypt, so it’s an adjective. Gerunds are verbs ending in “ing” that act as nouns.

Chuck: As in, “Egypt’s butt-fucking has gotten out of control.”
Baxter: Exactly.

Chuck: Sudan and Libya are all, “Hey, Egypt. Calm down with all that butt-fucking.”

[Chuck and Baxter stare at each other.]

Baxter: I’m glad all those other guys are gone.