↓ Transcript

Chuck: Anyway, Judy, I’m trying not be an asshole anymore. Baxter’s my best friend. I shouldn’t get up in his fries so much.
Judy: Maybe Chuck read Baxter Dune stories.

Chuck: Wait, Baxter’s still writing Dune fan fiction?
Judy: Yes please! He read me at night.

Chuck: That’s kinda sad.
Judy: Fo sho. Judy no grasp character arcs.

Chuck: Good note, Judy. So what’s new with you?
Judy: Incoming message.

Chuck: Really? From the Atlanteans?

Judy: No Atlanteans.
Chuck: No Atlanteans?

Judy: No Atlanteans. It from Mrifk.

Chuck: Mrifk?
Judy: Mrifk.

Chuck: MRIFK!... Who the ass is that?
Judy: Evil space wizard.