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Feb 1Zero Gravity
Feb 3Dang
Feb 5Floating Contemplation
Feb 8I Spy Space
Feb 10Ploding
Feb 12A New Hope
Feb 15In Through The Warlock
Feb 17Chinese Salvation
Feb 19Robo Worries
Feb 22Meet Nancy
Feb 24The Spacemans New Clothes
Feb 26Greenhouse
Mar 1Extreme Space Boarding
Mar 3Take It To The Bridge
Mar 5The Sadness
Mar 8Drunk Space Nine
Mar 10Doggtime Part One
Mar 12Doggtime Part Two
Mar 15CryptoPsychology
Mar 17Lets Boldly Go
Mar 19The Worlds Most Expensive Dildo
Mar 22Meet Judy
Mar 24PissMaster 3 Return To WhizMountain
Mar 26Play Him Off Zombie Cat
Mar 29Where The Lunchables Go At
Mar 31Meet Zheng
Apr 2Robo Commies 7 Attack Of The Red Android
Apr 5Totes Fo Sho
Apr 7Judy’s Radical Syntax
Apr 9Chuck The Poet
Apr 12More Of The Same
Apr 14Zero Gravity Is Self Aware
Apr 16Space Station Atreides
Apr 19Boost Nazi
Apr 21Performance Blitzkrieg
Apr 23On The Wings Of The Fuhrer
Apr 26The Intervention
Apr 28Rehab
Apr 30Ruminations On Interstellar Nosferatu
May 3How To Become An Astronaut
May 5Spacemen Need Jack Offs
May 7Chucks Cool With This Guy Named Baxter
May 10True Lies
May 12Dream Machine Theater
May 14Space Neighbors
May 17Oh Hi Spaceship
May 19Thinking Thangs Through
May 21Nutsack Contact
May 24Welcome To The Space Jungle
May 26Dont Be A Menace To Aspen While Jetpacking in a Cabin
May 28Baxters Queries
Jun 2Origin Story
Jun 4Secret Presidents
Jun 7The Indian in the Cupboard 2: The Alien in the Cupboard
Jun 9Zhengs Arrest
Jun 11Back To Square Seven
Jun 14A Geography And Grammar Lesson
Jun 16Lunar Logistics
Jun 18As Seen On TV
Jun 21The Future Is Now
Jun 23Aaand We Have A Title
Jun 25Jockey Culture
Jun 28Proper Attire
Jun 30A Portrait Of The Artist As A Spaceman
Jul 2Cahiers De Chuck
Jul 5Patriot Comic
Jul 7Lobster Bisque
Jul 9Mrifk On Line One
Jul 12MRIFK!
Jul 14Amazing Super Powers
Jul 16The Truth About The Space Wizard
Jul 19Mind Controller
Jul 21A Best Case Scenario
Jul 23You Must Be This Tall To Wizard
Aug 11Chuck’s Gift
Aug 13The Overlord’s Return
Aug 16Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves
Aug 18Harry Potter and the Imminent Brain Omelets
Aug 20Guernica
Aug 23The Torture
Aug 25Lasers Galore
Aug 27Chuck’s New Tat
Aug 30Tears… in Space!
Sep 1Strip 84
Sep 3Strip 85
Sep 8Strip 86
Sep 10Strip 87
Sep 13Strip 88
Sep 15Strip 89
Sep 17Strip 90
Sep 20Strip 91
Sep 22Strip 92
Sep 27Strip 93
Sep 29Strip 94
Oct 1Strip 95
Oct 4Strip 96
Oct 6Strip 97
Oct 8Strip 98
Oct 11Strip 99
Oct 13Strip 100
Oct 15Strip 101
Oct 18Strip 102
Oct 20Strip 103
Oct 22Strip 104
Oct 25Strip 105
Oct 27Strip 106
Oct 29Strip 107
Nov 1Strip 108
Nov 8Strip 109
Nov 15Strip 110
Nov 17Strip 111
Nov 19Strip 112
Nov 22Strip 113
Nov 24Strip 114
Nov 29Strip 115
Dec 1Drunk Dial
Dec 3Strip 116
Dec 6Strip 117
Dec 8Strip 118
Dec 10Strip 119
Dec 13Strip 120
Dec 15Strip 121
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Dec 20Strip 123
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Dec 31Strip 128